Meşk Tune 

World Music Tuning App

Simple, easy to use and accurate.


Meşk Tune is a multi-functional

tuner for professional and

beginner musicians.


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Chromatic Tuner

It is more than a standart tuner. 

  • The first Chromatic Makam Tuner

  • Microtonal Tuning from East to West.

  • Tone Generator for ear training

Bağlama Tuner

Make it easy.

Bağlama Tuner is a simple and

straight-forward tool especially for 

bağlama learners. It is tested and

suggested by teachers.


Pick your string and start tuning! 

Historical Tuner

Discover Tunings of the Masters.

Meşk has good news for professional

musicians and educators. 


Fine tune your instruments according to

the original frequencies of Aşık Veysel,

Hacı Taşan and many more masters.



Meşk Tune-How it works?

Meşk Tune-How it works?

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Meşk Tune- Nasıl Çalışır?

Meşk Tune- Nasıl Çalışır?

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Meşk Team

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Illustration, Social Media


Rana Acet

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Erhan Kaynak

Graphical User İnterface

Sound Engineering

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Ruşen Can Acet

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Yalçın Öksüz


Software Development


About Us

Meşk Tech. is an İstanbul-based music technology company that provides unique mobile

app to revolutionize eastern music education which has a complex theory that makes it

hard to learn it from a distance.


Meşk Team is composed of educators, artists, and engineers who value diversity, new ideas,

and a willingness to learn.

Meşk App. uses state-of-the-art audio recognition and gives learners real-time responses

to take them along a personalized journey towards music literacy.


For more information, you can check our gallery below ...


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